The participants step out of their inhibitions to allow the unfolding of their minds and spirits in a safe environment.

Experiential Frameworks ENGAGE you to EXPERIENCE leadership or team dynamics or both, hands-on. Your choices during the challenges reveal your underlying beliefs. The inherent philosophy of Experiential Frameworks is : -


Programs conclude with a comprehensive DEBRIEF where the participants SHARE experiences and REFLECT upon them.

The DECODING of experience enables you to identify your limiting beliefs. The new insights EMPOWER you to substitute them with fresh contributory set of beliefs.

Experiential Frameworks for your corporate challenges and goals are nuanced with empathy and principles of behavioural dynamics, NLP, Happiness, and Mountaineering.

Our choice of space and challenges holds your ENGAGEMENT, EXPERIENCE, and EVOLUTION PARAMOUNT.

Team Rakesh Jain accompanies your explorations with gentle acceptance and support. Our Experiential Frameworks have enabled Paradigm shift for leaders and teams from diverse profiles - manufacturing, software professionals, Pharma, NGO, Banking, and faculties of renowned Schools and Colleges.

Our Experiential Frameworks enable an optimization of your potential through the powerful connection you make with yourselves, nature, and your coparticipants.

"The program was very Interactive and easy to understand through exercises. It was energetic and effective for our day-to-day life, at work, and profession."

I H Bohra, GMKirlosker Brothers Ltd

"It was a fantastic and an eye opener program."

Pawan Singhania, DirectorJaideep Ispat and Alloys (P) Ltd

These Experiences are EVOCATIVE,
they are also HEALING.